I remember being a young mom and constantly comparing myself to other moms who were just a few months ahead of where I was in raising children.

I wanted to totally SLAY at the parenting thing.

I am pretty competitive in several areas.  Personal growth and advancement was always one of those areas.  So, I thought I would for sure be encouraged by a little competition in parenting. I mean, I wanted to say, "My kids have better manners." or "My kids don't argue." or even, "My kids did THAT at a much earlier age." Please tell me I am not alone.  I felt like a failure when that wasn't the case!  I mean, my kids weren't perfect, and God wanted me to keep them off the hook for such things!  But, those OTHER moms were doing it, or so it seemed…

Then, God very lovingly showed me how my parenting style was my own for the children HE has allowed me to face life with every day.  He hand picked us all to be together!  It was never going to be like what any other friend's parenting.  And just like *that* I was off the hook, myself.  I didn't have to be a perfect Mommy.  I had a PERFECT SAVIOR!

It was not until I had a friend ask me to share with HER how I was able to keep my kids so well-mannered and selfless, and how I planned my week as a solo mom – that I realized others may be comparing themselves to ME!

Uh – That's NUTS, let me just tell you!

This is not nuts:  God made you. His love for you is extravagant! He has given you the life line you are in! Extending that same love to our families is what He wants us each to do. I failed and flailed about for YEARS. But, I am thankful for God giving me children who had a heart for ME! I always thought they all deserved more than me. Better than me. OTHER than me.

And, now, I still fall into that gully when the storms of parenting my adult children hit, unexpectedly. But, when I FINALLY allowed others to connect to me while I was raising toddlers, I found a renewed strength to hold on to God's guidance and promises in parenting!

Being a solo mom was not easy. Being a married mom isn't either. But, what IS easy is linking into a GOD connection. Stop Comparing.  Stop Competing. Start CONNCTING.

Take time to BEHOLD Her Life, not COVET Her Life! She is struggling and needs connection. Link, up, sweet sisters. Let's SLAY!