Praying for a Spouse Day Nine

Ephesians 4:2-3

Pursuing Gentleness

This book of prayers is an incredibly great challenge for me, personally.  As I am walking through some things this week with my health (praise God for His Son, Jesus!), I am really needing an extra helping of gentleness.  I really want that to come from my covering, my Husband.  And, the enemy must know we are reading these books because I definitely am sensitive to an attack – you see, gentleness is not the first thing I am receiving.  It certainly is not the first thing I am giving this week, either.  I feel needy and when I go beyond that, I feel demanding in my time of need.

Praying this prayer over my Hubby to be pursuing gentleness with me today has been emotionally draining, almost.  Because I am such a “needy” place (which I really do not like one single bit, btw) it has made me very aware of how gentle I have not been!  I love how the Father guides me so gently to repentance and back into His arms of love.

I pray those things for my husband today.

Instead of having a heart of needs, I pray gentleness be the fruit that flows freely from my heart and lips to his heart and ears.  I will pursue peace.

I pray my actions will inspire him to be gentle toward me. Amen.

Whew – Day Ten is coming up. Confidence!


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