Playing Dominoes with my Papa Hassey was one of my favorite things to do. I was probably about 6 or 7 years old in a memory I have. I was not supposed to have my “seat” off the seat of the chair. And I’m sure my Nana told me that five times for every one time she caught me leaning like that! The reason? I might fall. Also, the dominoes might fall. And if I remember that old card table correctly, the entire set up might have fallen at any moment! Thinking that might happen was not enough to keep me from popping up over the top of the table to see across it. Even being popped on the bum a time or two wasn’t a big enough set back to stop me. I needed to get the full view to decide where to play. I needed to make the best decision. Nothing was going to stop me. In fact, I could make my move pretty fast – to prevent being caught and popped on the bum or verbally corrected – most of the time.
Yet, here there is photographic evidence. I was busted. Caught. My “seat” is not in my seat.  I think my Nana had to take a picture to remind me, maybe!  Or, secretly, she thought I was super cute! But, not for long!
I remember the scene from my vantage point. If not that day, one just like it. In my rush to make my play and not get caught breaking the rules, my elbow slipped. My knees went under the table. I grabbed the dominoes for dear life. And the anticipated fall of Melanie happened. Nana said that would happen. I shouldn’t have been in a hurry. I should have just followed the rule of keeping my “seat” in my seat.
If the enemy can’t
stop you,
he’ll RUSH you.

Slow down a sec and see what the enemy of your soul is doing before you slip and fall, y’all!

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