Several years ago, some thoughts came flooding into my mind during Jubilee at my home church, Victory Life in Durant, OK.  I can remember thinking how overwhelmed all the words and images were as I began jotting down notes and hopes and prayers.

Sometimes when we have an idea, whether we believe it’s a direction form The Lord or not, we almost wish we hadn’t thought of it!  At the time I began thinking and feeling the things that were overwhelming me, I also knew I already had a LOT going on.  But I never let go of those things!  I didn’t act on anything immediately.  I shared things carefully to see what my close friends, mentor and relatives thought about what I was thinking.  I received a fair amount of discouragement and that kept me from moving forward too hastily.  It kept me moving forward ALTOGETHER!  I am now beginning to move forward!  This web site launch is the first little movement.  I am not at all certain of how to build the site or what content belongs there, but I am confident that it needs to exist!  Please like or comment and even, share this!  I would love to hear words of encouragement!  But, I do live in the real world most of the time and I know I also need to hear truth, even if it’s not-so-encouraging!

Check out the site ~ and let me hear from you!

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shoot me a message through the web site!  I am excited to see how that works too!

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