POST: Crushed Cheerios Moment

Crushed Cheerios coated their tiny milk drenched feet as we cleaned up the result of the explosion of emotions that followed my final, “No, ma’am!” Of all mornings to have a melt-down, my first day at my first job as a solo-mom.

Did I mention my hair was in hot rollers and also coated with a gooey mixture of Big Sexy Hairspray and the cheerios marinade? I felt exactly like those cheerios – spilled, crushed, and trampled on. In that moment of holding it together so the children wouldn’t see me break, I heard the Father speak in the voice of my 4-year-old. She confidently said, “Izzokay, Mommy, izzo-ripe. You sayd Jesus cleans up our messes.”

And just like that, I was late to my first day of work. My reason?

I was held up by lots of hugging on the kitchen floor.

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