Influenster #OriginsTribe

Today was a fun day as far as the mail run goes! I am still battling the flu and I am proud to say I am winning. I received a little bit of happy mail today from Influenster! { Anybody notice “flu” is in the middle of that word? } It was perfect timing. I […]

What Do You See?

It’s been a little while since I posted a “Beauty” entry! I was thinking this morning that this mirror image we see when we are applying makeup or as we are cleaning up our eyebrows is not at all what other see when they look at us. It is certainly not what The Lord sees! […]

Free Eyeshadow!

One of my favorite beauty boxes: Get a Free Eye Shadow with Beauty Box 5 Subscription purchase I love getting Happy Mail every month!

Mean Girl Consequences

The power of your words-stronger than you think! Or maybe, you know already-bullies. What you are saying and texting, posting, tweeting or gossiping about the girl you’ve targeted will stay with her. When will you stop? Will it be when it happens to you? When you reach high school? College? Adulthood? Maybe you’re already in […]