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The Lord is my Shepherd.

Relationship. Repeat after me: “The Lord is MY Shepherd.” I have a relationship with Him. Not only do I call Him *mine* – I call

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Carousel Horses

I first fell in love with Carousels when I saw the original Mary Poppins Movie, when I was a little girl. The first time I

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Boundaries Blog

I have issues creating healthy boundaries. My Nana said it’s been like that most of my life. Some of it may stem from insecurity and

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Off the Hook for Christmas

Anyone else still decorating for Christmas? I want to decorate the way the Hallmark Movie moms decorate for Christmas. Never-mind the fact that they have

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Instagram Has A New Algorithm

Instagram has a new algorithm! Remember the days of reverse chronological order in your social media feeds? Those days are long gone. But, Instagram claims

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I’ll be at the barre.

So, a few years ago, I retired from teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. My physical activity dropped significantly. And, when you’re over 40, no activity,

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