I’ll be at the barre.

So, a few years ago, I retired from teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. My physical activity dropped significantly. And, when you’re over 40, no activity, and no change in diet lead to the same thing – gaining weight. Tennis, dance and cheer. That’s the short list. Okay, that’s the ENTIRE list of the physical activities […]

Once upon a time, I deleted Facebook.

I once deleted Facebook for several years. Facebook makes people a little goofy sometimes! It’s often used as a tool to hurt people. It’s a shame it’s used for bullying – it’s a manipulative tool in the wrong hands. Even in the hands of family. In 2009, I received a diagnosis that I was medically […]

Influenster #OriginsTribe

Today was a fun day as far as the mail run goes! I am still battling the flu and I am proud to say I am winning. I received a little bit of happy mail today from Influenster! { Anybody notice “flu” is in the middle of that word? } It was perfect timing. I […]

Grove Collaborative Unboxing

Your $10 of free product from Grove Co is in this blog post!

Start Here in 2018.

Luke. Chapter Five. Start here in 2018. What a faith walking chapter this is! I love the place in the text where Jesus simply tells the men in the boat to put it in deeper water and cast a net. They thought they had hauled in all there was to bring already! Nope, the Christ […]

What’s Your 2018 Word of Truth?

Making resolutions this year? Let us help. Take DaySpring’s #LiveYourFaithQuiz (link below) to find your 2018 Word of Truth – one word that will help you focus on what God is calling you to accomplish in the year ahead. Share this blog & link with your friends and followers!! After you receive your “word,” be […]

Praying for a Spouse Day Fourteen

Knowing His Purpose Romans 8:28 What an incredible honor it is to have the open relationship with our Lord that we might be able to pray for our men! Today: Praying that he will know God’s purpose in his life.  He may be a man of many talents. Or, perhaps he is a man in […]

Praying for a Spouse Challenge Day 5

So, the Challenge that came just before reading Day Five is a helpful one. Start a Prayer Journal – keep track of the asks and answers! Not just for the spouse, but you could color code the prayer requests for future testimonies and quick reference! Have a happy day five! #beholdherlife Thirty One Prayers for […]

Praying for a Spouse Day Four

Yowsa!  That’s about how day four was summed up! I think my husband and I both got a full spiritual work-out in on this one. Maturity – shewww! Maturing my Husband?  I immediately thought, “wasn’t that his mother’s job?” Uhm. No.  And it’s not mine either, as it turns out.  Thank the Lord! I do […]

Praying for a Spouse Day One

In 31 Prayers for My Husband, day one, I began with the introduction. I really enjoyed reading the foundation for the writings from Jennifer, the author. I also took time to read what other readers had to say about it!