Valentine’s Day

Every day has Valentine’s Day “level” of love with this man. That sounds corny.  Let me start over. Every day has Valentine’s Day “level” of love with this man! It’s true. Corny, perhaps. But TRUE, none-the-less. When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of expressing love. He really does this daily! Most mornings begin […]

Praying for a Spouse Day Fourteen

Knowing His Purpose Romans 8:28 What an incredible honor it is to have the open relationship with our Lord that we might be able to pray for our men! Today: Praying that he will know God’s purpose in his life.  He may be a man of many talents. Or, perhaps he is a man in […]

Praying for a Spouse Challenge Day 5

So, the Challenge that came just before reading Day Five is a helpful one. Start a Prayer Journal – keep track of the asks and answers! Not just for the spouse, but you could color code the prayer requests for future testimonies and quick reference! Have a happy day five! #beholdherlife Thirty One Prayers for […]

Praying for a Spouse Day Four

Yowsa!  That’s about how day four was summed up! I think my husband and I both got a full spiritual work-out in on this one. Maturity – shewww! Maturing my Husband?  I immediately thought, “wasn’t that his mother’s job?” Uhm. No.  And it’s not mine either, as it turns out.  Thank the Lord! I do […]

Praying for a Spouse Day Three

Day three brought us to Encouragement.  Romans 15:13 Guys, I have been so excited! That is one of my favorite things to do!  Actually, it’s just part of who I am!  So, I was super looking forward to hearing from him on how his day went – since I had been meditating on this prayer […]

Praying for a Spouse Day One

In 31 Prayers for My Husband, day one, I began with the introduction. I really enjoyed reading the foundation for the writings from Jennifer, the author. I also took time to read what other readers had to say about it!

Ready or Not

… Here I Come! I keep seeing alllllll these posts about how incredibly ready people are to kick 2016 out and welcome in the new year.  I can totally relate, most years.  But,