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I stole his last name.

But it took an act of congress to change it on all my stuff! They finally have made this simple – Newlywed Name Change Kit for Bride & Groom New Bride Name Change Kit Bridesmaids and Moms of Brides, give this as a gift to the blushing bride! #beholdherlife

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Connecting Moms To Be Free

Downloading the Videos from Rebekah Lyons we will be watching at our next six gatherings is simple with  I know some of you may be like me – and want to watch it more than once!  They are only $2.99 per download.  And, you can watch them over and

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Really Wanna Slay?

Connection kills comparison and competition. I remember being a young mom and constantly comparing myself to other moms who were just a few months ahead of where I was in raising children. I wanted to totally SLAY at the parenting thing. I’ve always been pretty competitive in certain areas of my

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