Once upon a time, I deleted Facebook.

I once deleted Facebook for several years. Facebook makes people a little goofy sometimes! It’s often used as a tool to hurt people. It’s a shame it’s used for bullying – it’s a manipulative tool in the wrong hands. Even in the hands of family. In 2009, I received a diagnosis that I was medically […]

Influenster #OriginsTribe

Today was a fun day as far as the mail run goes! I am still battling the flu and I am proud to say I am winning. I received a little bit of happy mail today from Influenster! { Anybody notice “flu” is in the middle of that word? } It was perfect timing. I […]

Start Here in 2018.

Luke. Chapter Five. Start here in 2018. What a faith walking chapter this is! I love the place in the text where Jesus simply tells the men in the boat to put it in deeper water and cast a net. They thought they had hauled in all there was to bring already! Nope, the Christ […]

What’s Your 2018 Word of Truth?

Making resolutions this year? Let us help. Take DaySpring’s #LiveYourFaithQuiz (link below) to find your 2018 Word of Truth – one word that will help you focus on what God is calling you to accomplish in the year ahead. Share this blog & link with your friends and followers!! After you receive your “word,” be […]

Are you Stirring things up on Social Media?

Connect Everywhere!♥️ Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works! Using social media for The Kingdom, for encouragement, for sharing our lives – stirring one another up to LOVE. THAT is the goal! Sure, we share recipes, family pictures and selfies etc. But, just as any […]

Design your Day!

Design Your Day When every task, idea, list, and meeting are all floating around in my head, it can make me begin to feel anxious.  Of course, the verse comes to mind – do not be anxious about anything – I know this one, all too well.  It is a constant anthem in my head […]

You are Free Book 

Reading this book over again adding the exclusive sneak peek at the video study and study guide has me really joyful all over again! Have you read this book? Read it!It will be the next study I facilitate!  Verses this week: Nehemiah 8:10 Psalm 51:12 2 Timothy 1:7 Psalm 126:5-6 Ecclesiastes 3 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 […]

Valentine’s Day

Every day has Valentine’s Day “level” of love with this man. That sounds corny.  Let me start over. Every day has Valentine’s Day “level” of love with this man! It’s true. Corny, perhaps. But TRUE, none-the-less. When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of expressing love. He really does this daily! Most mornings begin […]

Praying for a Spouse Day Fourteen

Knowing His Purpose Romans 8:28 What an incredible honor it is to have the open relationship with our Lord that we might be able to pray for our men! Today: Praying that he will know God’s purpose in his life.  He may be a man of many talents. Or, perhaps he is a man in […]

Praying for a Spouse Challenge Day 5

So, the Challenge that came just before reading Day Five is a helpful one. Start a Prayer Journal – keep track of the asks and answers! Not just for the spouse, but you could color code the prayer requests for future testimonies and quick reference! Have a happy day five! #beholdherlife Thirty One Prayers for […]