Girl, I Need You ~ FREE Women’s Event!

If you have not already made plans to attend Girl, I Need You! You Need to! In addition to 5 Generations of Victorious Women who will be speaking over two days, we will also have an exciting Women’s EXPO on day 2! Lunch on Day 2 is also complimentary, as well as all child care! […]

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As a young teenager, I wanted to fit in and impress everyone at school.  I can remember going shopping and wishing for designer brands and styles that were ‘in’ ~ and incidentally, right back ‘OUT’ as fast as they came in!  Wanting the newest Vans or Jams and tickets to Duran Duran in concert.  I […]

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As time continues, young women are becoming less aware of their value. Our worth is not tied to what we have been conditioned to measure it by. God places tremendous value on us. It’s each generation’s challenge to remind each other who HE says we are. Perhaps, we have forgotten, been mis-directed and programmed incorrectly. […]

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