Cyber bullying Awareness Month

Cyberbully awareness Month has been very eye opening. After walking through this with two daughters – in middle school high school and in College – educating myself and others regarding laws and prevention has become increasingly important. Knowing WHY this happens is a big part of prevention but NOT RETALIATING is an even bigger part! […]

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Fair Weather Friend

I’ve been studying quite a bit lately preparing for some upcoming events and I continue to think about Fair Weather Friendships. We’ve all been there – on both sides! You know the scenario – you have something (a connection, food item, position, joy, money, talent etc) that someone else admires or desires. In many cases […]

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Girl, I Need You ~ FREE Women’s Event!

If you have not already made plans to attend Girl, I Need You! You Need to! In addition to 5 Generations of Victorious Women who will be speaking over two days, we will also have an exciting Women’s EXPO on day 2! Lunch on Day 2 is also complimentary, as well as all child care! […]

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