So, they don’t test well.

When my kids were in school, I often heard parents sharing that their kids didn't "test well.' I realized what that could mean for a student when mine got a little older and weren't testing well! We tried tutoring, peer tutoring, study groups, and lots of tears.  I wish we had found a tool like … Continue reading So, they don’t test well.


Under Pressure

Have you ever said to another mom anything resembling, “Ya know, this parenting gig isn’t that hard. I think I’ve arrived. I could totally teach a master class on mommin’. And I feel no pressure at all to get it right - I don’t know why everyone else can be so exhausted from it. It’s … Continue reading Under Pressure

Freelance Writing

Learning more about freelance writing and Christian Writing has been thematic for me in 2018.  If you are studying the market and need more tools, the link at the bottom of this post is a great place to start. Want to know more?  Reach out to me!  I would love to visit with you - … Continue reading Freelance Writing

Stay At Home Moms & Empty Nesting

I remember being I stay at home mom. I felt myself losing my autonomy pretty soon after my first daughter was born . A friend of mine was in a really cool make up business. You know, one of the direct selling MLM businesses. She would go to peoples houses and have parties and do … Continue reading Stay At Home Moms & Empty Nesting

I Am Loved

I've been sent some super cool content! You're gonna LOVE this study: I Am Loved. In each week linked below, you’ll find a suggested reading schedule and breakdown of what to expect each day of study. You’ll also find some fun freebies and helpful resources. To follow along, simply click each week and either view … Continue reading I Am Loved

I stole his last name.

But it took an act of congress to change it on all my stuff! They finally have made this simple - Newlywed Name Change Kit for Bride & Groom New Bride Name Change Kit Bridesmaids and Moms of Brides, give this as a gift to the blushing bride! #beholdherlife

New Writing Tool!

Ever have writers block? Need encouragement? I do. And I always come back to speaking peace to it and rejoicing that it is well with my soul. Then, earlier this evening, I found this cool tool: Sign up for a Writers Work Account Today! I just could not wait to share it! Take a peek, … Continue reading New Writing Tool!

I’ll be at the barre.

So, a few years ago, I retired from teaching dance and coaching cheerleading. My physical activity dropped significantly. And, when you're over 40, no activity, and no change in diet lead to the same thing - gaining weight. Tennis, dance and cheer. That's the short list. Okay, that's the ENTIRE list of the physical activities … Continue reading I’ll be at the barre.

Connecting Moms To Be Free

Downloading the Videos from Rebekah Lyons we will be watching at our next six gatherings is simple with  I know some of you may be like me - and want to watch it more than once!  They are only $2.99 per download.  And, you can watch them over and over - which is great … Continue reading Connecting Moms To Be Free

Connecting Moms of Daughters

Last night, we had our FIRST GATHERING for the Moms of Daughters Life Group!  Doing Life with you ladies is going to be SO FUN!  I was so encouraged by your willingness to share and love each other.  The enemy of our souls despises that connection, ya know!  So, guard your hearts and minds this … Continue reading Connecting Moms of Daughters