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Broken Faucet

My kitchen faucet broke earlier this month. When I moved into our home, it was 1999. I was a new solo mom. I had very

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Off the Hook for Christmas

Anyone else still decorating for Christmas? I want to decorate the way the Hallmark Movie moms decorate for Christmas. Never-mind the fact that they have

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I Love Book Sales!

I’ve been watching a TON of sales come through my inbox from . (I’m an affiliate – so my link gives us BOTH special perks!

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Pumpkins are Everywhere!

Pumpkins are EVERYWHERE! I love them ALL! Looking at these reminded me that at some point, there was a seed planted. The ground was good.

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Solo Parenting

Crushed Cheerios Moment

Crushed Cheerios coated their tiny milk-drenched feet as we cleaned up the result of the explosion of toddler frustration that followed my final, “No, ma’am!” Of

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Popcorn for Days

I LOVE Mondays. I generally will hit the ground running, setting a productive tone for my week. Tuesdays are kind of “meh..” for me. Usually,

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Money Saving Mommy

Saving Money is My Jam

I am always looking for a great deal.  You, too?  Cool!  I found one for both of us: My new favorite place to get stickers

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