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Look up, Child.

Look up, child,Focus on the thing that shines the most Light. To get this 4th of July Sparkler snap, I instructed Ira to reach as high as he could and look up at the light of his sparkler. Two weeks later, I’m like, “Yeah, Mellie. Do THAT thing.”If it’s not shining Light

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This Will Cause No Small Stir

Today, one of my adult daughters sent me an interesting link to a DMN Article written by Ed Stetzer & Andrew MacDonald. It caused no small stir.       Initially, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it. I’ve not really known exactly what to do with the

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Money Saving Mommy

I’ve Been Amazon Primed

It’s official – I’ve launched an Amazon Storefront! I shop LOCAL in my hometown. However, if I can’t find it LOCALLY, then, I look on Amazon. Amazon Storefront… It’s not really as fancy as it sounds. If you’re interested in opening one, shoot me an email. I would love to

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A Gift of Time

I don’t know why this has happened. I’m not even sure if it matters. My Nana taught me not to walk through my day worrying about the unknown. Rather, I should purpose to walk in what I KNOW. What I know in my head and heart is simple. This is

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Join Hope*Writers for $1

Now is the time to take Hope*Writers for a test drive! I love all the digital coaching that is available. But, I love the commUNITY more than that! If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog or wondered how to write an ebook, find out what stage of writing you’re

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Top 20 Questions Writers Ask

Welcome to the Behold Her Life Blog. I’m Melanie S. Medina – and I am a writer. When I began writing, I had a TON of questions and bad habit. I’m sure I still have some bad habits, but hope*writers has definitely helped me break many others. I’m sharing something

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JOE – Jesus Over Everything

Lisa Whittle has done it again! And, I’m on the Launch Team for her new book. Seriously, I cannot get enough of her Podcast. If you’re not subscribed, you should be! Pre-order her newest book and watch my blog & social media for more info. Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the

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You’re invited to a daily Instagram challenge! Join me for 7 days of prompts to help kick-start your writing habit in 2020. You don’t have to be a hope*writer – everyone is welcome to participate!    Share about your writing journey and what you’d like to accomplish this year.    How? Post photos on Instagram the

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Cyber Monday & Gift Giving

Thanksgiving (check) Black Friday (check) Small Business Saturday (check) Advent Sunday (check) Back to reality and … Cyber Monday! The top spot for Inspirational Gift-giving for my ENTIRE LIST is (link below.) Cyber Monday 2019 They are running a crazy super sale!   For the gal-pals on my list,

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Transformation. . Instant human: just add coffee. ☕️ It’s funny because it’s sort of true! Coffee transforms me. Anyone else? I need to be filled up – and not just with coffee. I need Jesus! I need my Father. And I definitely need Holy Spirit. An empty cup really represents

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