Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!You’re not fatherless.

Regardless of your circumstances or relationship with your earthly daddy, you have a Heavenly Father, too! On Father’s Days of years gone by, I have experienced just about every circumstance one could imagine! So, whether you’re the mom AND dad, a step-daughter or stunt-daughter, adopted or born to your parents, orphaned and being raised by others, being fostered, or, my favorite: being raised by wolves, you have someone you can reach out to and honor! I encourage you to reach out to tell someone who has been a dad or a spiritual dad to you how much you appreciate them. Or just send a message reminding them of a positive memory. It means so much to have the human touch on a day like today!
I made a little post about my dad on IG today. He chose to be my dad. Just like God chooses us as His kids. I’m thankful for him. For the family he shared with me. He taught me to ride a bike. Fish. Sail. Play music. And the little mind bender: Pete and Repeat were sitting on a dock and Pete fell in who was left? Repeat.
Among other things!
I love you, Dad!



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